Sunday, 24 February 2013

On Barking Up The Wrong Tree

You’ve been barking up the wrong tree

You think you want out of this
But what you most long for is to be right in it

You think you want it all to stop
Yet what you’re yearning for is the start

You think you’re afraid to die
In fact, you’re afraid to live
Scared witless by your untamed aliveness

You think you want love to make you whole
When really what your heart most wants
Is for love to take you apart
So that you can taste the sweet fruits of annihilation

You think you should keep it all together
Your true longing is for it all to fall apart
So catastrophically that you’ll be left with nothing
And the game will be over

I know, I know
It all got so horribly complicated
And you thought that’s what life was

Trust me
When you see the sheer simplicity of this
It will take your breath away

Monday, 4 February 2013

On Sunday Afternoon

I contain the world.

I can’t be this
I’m not allowed to be this
I should be cut down to size, restricted, belittled.

Then comes the relief: I thought it would never end.
It’s over.
I made it.

I was barren, yet now I bear fruit.
Was lost, yet now am found.

Such heartbreaking beauty. The struggle is over.

I shut down.
I tried to keep it in.
I tried to keep it out.

I never wanted to leave, but there was no choice.
Heartbroken, we stumble.
Such desperate longing, yearning.

I thought I didn’t have it.
I thought I wasn’t God.
I failed to see my own perfection.

Constantly feeling there was something to be done.
It couldn’t be here or this.
It couldn’t be now.

Missing beyond missing.
Grief beyond grief.
Utterly, utterly undone. Laid waste. Razed to the ground.

The gatekeeper, the vigilant one
Parcelling, limiting, confining, controlling, holding, scared
Terrified witless, actually.

Such safety in limitation
Such safety in borders
Freedom and limitlessness so far beyond comprehension.

Lost and found were never, ever separate from each other.

Each other: such love in those words
The deep embrace we think we’ve lost
The deep embrace that never left.

In our brokenness lies our completeness
In our fragility lies our strength
We are forged by our undoing.
Falling into each other’s arms
All the richer for discovering there is no other.

Never abandoned, left or forsaken
Never betrayed, rejected or neglected
Such tales we tell.

Then what? We wonder.
What now?
No end and no beginning.
Blessed rest.