Saturday, 9 March 2013

Strangely Silent

Lately, this room has fallen strangely silent

The white table there, the books on the shelf,
And the two mismatched rugs, all suddenly quiet

The recently-gathered dust balls have ceased their taunting
No more recriminations from the dirt on the floor

No further complaints from the unopened paint cans
Not one extra dose of shame from the unpacked box
The yet-to-be-fixed coat hooks or even the peeling wallpaper

Now that there is no one here to listen
To take delivery of fault or blame
None of it has a word to say

How still this room has become
How strangely silent


  1. Lovely!-Brian

  2. indeed .. lovely fiona. the silence is all around here too..some daffs have appeared but stand rigid and braced. Rajas is rising though .. A little sun and they will start to sing. these winters are long aren't they.

    I adore the background paper for this blog. Where does it come from?


    1. Hi Jude

      Lovely to hear from you. Yes, such a long winter.

      The background is from a medieval manuscript - I found this and another image from it online. I can send you the file, if you like.

      Love Fiona