Thursday, 27 March 2014

The Caterpillar Is Not Condemned By The Butterfly

The caterpillar is not condemned by the butterfly

I was looking (in all the wrong places)
for a solution to a riddle
that didn’t exist

That’s how it had to be
That’s how I had to be
We have to be that to become this

Here’s the secret: there’s nothing about you
that needs to be changed,
nothing even a hair’s breadth out of place
Transformation is your very nature;
no admonishments or exhortations are required.

Yet we berate the caterpillar
We’re often at odds with our markings
Struggling, our movement limited to an ungainly crawl,
we long to fly, in the faint belief
that we have wings, somewhere

One day, the time comes, and all activities cease
All further motion is rendered futile
as we turn inward, trust the darkness, and wait.

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