Sunday, 25 May 2014

Let The Silence Descend

This is the only way I knew how to say no:
I pretended to not be broken

I discovered the transient nature of things too early:
You tried to break what was already broken

I couldn’t fight you, so I fought me
Not knowing I wasn’t the enemy
I turned on my blameless self, unaware of my innocence

All this time, I’ve been trying to prove myself unbroken
When all I’ve wanted to do is lie here broken
And let the silence descend

Monday, 19 May 2014


I thought I was the epithets you applied to me
So I, in my turn, applied my own
Until they were all that we could see

Today, let’s leave all our ideas at the door:
Your ideas about me and you
My ideas about you and me
For such things prevent intimacy

I’m tired of making excuses for what I am and what I’m not

I want to lie down with you
I want to come to you empty-handed
I have nothing to offer, and there’s nothing I need

We are so much less than we think we are
And so much more than we could have imagined

Sunday, 4 May 2014

The Ballad of Me

I tried not to feel it
Yet not feeling it was so much more painful than feeling it

I tried not to need, thinking that if I could not need
I’d get what I needed

I knew this wasn’t it, and I ignored that knowing
In all the ways I knew how

I built a shrine to myself
I sang the ballad of me
My triumph when it was turning out well
My fault when it was turning out bad

Intent on proving myself right
I waited (in vain) for you to validate my version of me

Let’s face it: we’d almost rather kill ourselves
Than admit this isn’t who we are

Here’s the thing: It’s all totally innocent
We can only be what we are