Tuesday, 28 October 2014

This Silent Vow

With no thought to what I ought
I do just what’s required
The absence of rules, observances and resolutions
Brings a deeper resolve,
A wordless commitment:
To meet whatever calls

No longer abandoning abandonment, fearing fear,
Rejecting rejection or leaving loneliness on its own
To dwell in abandoning, fearing, rejecting and leaving
Until their time is done

This silent vow
Is to be here for it all
To consecrate all that’s been held mundane
To see the worldly in the divine

To move my allegiance from those false idols  
(What wasn’t and what may yet be)
To worship at the altar of what is

To stand, naked and vulnerable, as I am
No longer sheltering in the shade
Of beliefs, conditions, ideas or excuses
To emerge into the light of now, blinking
And a little timidly, at first.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Making Something Of It

The story, barely begun, meets silence today
A change from the customary making something of it
No momentum forward, no pull back
Bemused by the lack of movement
I sit, and do nothing
The aliveness of my senses wholly apparent

Then a question comes: what is here?
I sit and wait, the answer beyond comprehension
Yet known nonetheless

Next, words come: I’ll take up all the space I want
Really? And how much space is that?

A pause. Then an aah. 
Space does not take up space
It requires no special allocation

It now becomes clear that there’s something precious here
Which needs looking after
We can’t begin to know what it wants
Until we know that it’s not

What if I object to nothing, and things are as they are?


Sunday, 5 October 2014

When The Times Comes

1.      Self or not self:
The heart knows no such boundary
To all things a season
Indivisible fragments of the undivided whole
No thing without its other

2.      It is time to step out now
You’re not quite ready
So I’ll take your hand
(We’re never quite ready when the time comes)

When you decide to stop dallying, you’ll see:

The gold you thought so elusive
Is not at the end of the rainbow you imagined