Friday, 21 November 2014

Come Back To The Well

Come back to the well and quench your thirst for aliveness

Rage with the torrent
Spin with the whirlpools
Pause in the millpond stillness
All of it water, however it flows

Jump right in
You’ll get wet, of course
You might even risk a drowning
But why make do with the sidelines of life?

Marvel at the miracle of imagining
Revel in your maddest thoughts, your most insane notions
Rejoice in your body’s contortions, the aches of the flesh

You see and are seen
You do and are done unto
You hear and are heard
You act and are acted upon
You know, are known
And are the knowing of it all

Why pretend you're not all that?

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Dare You Be So Bold?

There’s an embarrassment of richness here
You are the luxuriance of being, unfestooned
The decadence of depth

It’s not that you’re not enough
For existence itself is beyond plentiful

When you see your own completeness
You’ll wonder if you dare be so bold
As to appear in public minus the garb of insufficiency
That you’ve been mistaking for who you are

Monday, 17 November 2014

This Is What No One Can Teach

No one ever taught me how to feel this pain
I learnt how to doubt and second guess myself
So all this time, I’ve been stopping well short

I no longer want your promises of salvation
(Such an inadvertent disservice, such a well-intentioned unkindness)

No one ever taught me how to lay myself open

What greater freedom is there than to feel this
Thus rendering everything else (having served its purpose)
Null and void?

My body, arcing and shaking, finally dances to its own tune.

Like Jesus’ time in the wilderness, numerous are the temptations to avoid this desert
Many are the whispers to stay away, to be unfaithful to ourselves.

This is what no-one can teach.