Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Always scared of falling, I clung on
Holding fast to anything that seemed secure
Eventually, it all gave way
And I dangled, desperately bracing
Against the inevitable screaming descent
Of my solid body to the ground

Finally, I jump
(Having exhausted every other option)
But instead of the expected terrifying hurtle
I’m caught by a gentle upward draught

Stunned, I discover my weightlessness
And the total absence of places to land

All further struggle rendered unnecessary

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

This Is An All-Inclusive Ticket

Believing yourself unworthy, deeply flawed, or incomplete
You deny your total acceptability

However, if you read the small print
You’ll see that this is an all-inclusive ticket
With no caveats, exclusions, or conditions

There’s nothing to dispose of, box up or pack away
The price of admission covers everything
And no further payments are required

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Strangely Silent

Lately, this room has fallen strangely silent

The white table there, the books on the shelf,
And the two mismatched rugs, all suddenly quiet

The recently-gathered dust balls have ceased their taunting
No more recriminations from the dirt on the floor

No further complaints from the unopened paint cans
Not one extra dose of shame from the unpacked box
The yet-to-be-fixed coat hooks or even the peeling wallpaper

Now that there is no one here to listen
To take delivery of fault or blame
None of it has a word to say

How still this room has become
How strangely silent

Sunday, 3 March 2013

The Door

A long time ago
You began knocking at my door
And a thousand times a day
I’d refuse to answer
Believing that the door was locked
And that I didn’t have a key

I sought out master locksmiths
Thinking it was a complicated matter
Which would take some solving

Now it turns out
The door was always ajar
And you were simply waiting for me
To get up and open it