Monday, 1 February 2021


 If I was uninhibited

my hair would be wild and long

my eyes would be kohl-ringed (like they used to be)

I would wear silver boots – legs akimbo -

and show my cleavage whenever I felt like it. 


If I was uninhibited

my house would be a sumptuous,

beautiful, eccentric mess

as would I.

And if I was uninhibited

I would take up space like I meant it;

Sisters, there would be so much more of me.


If I was uninhibited, you would know me.


If I was uninhibited,

I would take back my sexuality -

lock stock and both smoking barrels -

and refashion it entirely for my own ends


If I was uninhibited

I would be spunky as you like

spilling over with generosity

I would be in the fray, punching my weight,

all muscles and teeth-baring,

snarling, howling, shrieking uproariously

and with the biggest shit-eating most glorious radiant grin

you have ever seen -

that is, when I wasn’t being silent because -

well, because.


Friday, 15 January 2021

On the Quiet

On the quiet, 

this cold and misty morning,

grace comes in - 

somewhere between sofa and window -

and tells me that I am forgiven.

Straight away,

I know that I am being forgiven

for trying to steal fire from the gods

and spilling my own jar of evils. 

Grace sneaks in

on the quiet,

subtle as always;

forgiveness does not come in a blaze of angels. 

You are forgiven, and I will be with you always. 


Wednesday, 27 February 2019


I bathe in the bittersweetness
of ill sons
and bereaved friends
and strangers connecting
and and and
old friends back on track
and death in life
and birth after death
and the limitations of language
and the beauty of words
and pain with depth
and the realness of me
and all this turning upside down
and creation from destruction
and who'd have thought it
and I wouldn't have guessed
and we know so much
and we know so little

and the bittersweetness
sits in my heart
and pulls at my heartstrings
(you know we have heartstrings)
and I'm in love with it all
and I wouldn't want anything less
and I'm not looking for anything more

I bathe in bittersweetness,
that tang in the heart that leaves nothing to do
and nowhere to go
and the tears run down my cheeks
and one drops from the end of my nose
and I can't pretend that I don't love it all
and that this isn't what my heart was made for

Sunday, 30 September 2018

The Second Coming

The meek shall inherit the earth. 

Quake in your boots:
Those who presume on the souls or bodies of others
Those who assume title, rank or reign
Those who betray heart-filled goodness,
Those who sunder the flesh of innocents to feed the maws of greed
Such vile, violent treason.

Quake in your boots:
The meek are rising to reclaim the earth 
This is the second coming. 

Sunday, 29 October 2017

It Is Not Necessary

It is not necessary to demean yourself
Or to dramatize your life
(it is not a fiction
and neither are you).

The proliferation of things has brought us scant riches.

I grieve for the poverty of plenty,
for the ignorance of knowledge. 

Our souls do not long for complication. 

True nourishment is simple fare:
taste, touch, smell, sound, sight. 

The heart loves
The mind thinks
The stomach digests
You are the perfect orchestration of being,
an instrument of wonder. 

(It is not necessary to demean yourself). 

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

To Whom It May Concern

Stop. Just stop. 
Stop warring, aggressing and fighting. 
Stop pontificating, aggrandizing and diminishing. 
Stop consuming like you do
and stop despoiling the earth. 

Stop denying and lying. 
Stop killing, maiming, torturing, abusing and raping. 
Stop bullying, cajoling, intimidating, threatening, endangering.
Stop competing, favouring, trumpeting, boasting. 
Stop manipulating, disempowering, swindling and profiteering.
Stop you do. 
You know who you are. 

Stop. Just stop. 

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Still Standing

Without self-pity
Standing still, 
and still standing
having with-stood those waves
that threaten to obliterate:
shame, pain, grief. 

I simply stand
Not bowing, but willing
A stand neither rigid nor flaccid

I Am:
no more, no less. 

Water and rock,
we flow and contain
we are motion and stillness both.

All this life already come and gone,
and still you stand
because You Are:
no more, no less.