Friday, 16 August 2013

What If?

What if I just let go?

What if all my "this is what you need and here's how to do it" is only fear?
What if all those doom-filled future scenarios are simply the imagination of a scared child?

What if I stop my fixing and organising and helping?
What if I stop pretending there's anything wrong here?
What if none of this is actually mine?

What if I'm heartbroken, ripped apart by the sheer beauty of it all?
What if I'm absolutely as I'm supposed to be?
What if all of this, every last part of it, is totally fine?

What if it's okay to move on, to leave it all behind?
What if there's nothing here to resolve, sort out, or understand?
What if it really is alright, just like this?

What if there's no effort required?
What if there's nothing other than this?
What if there's no reason to develop or change one iota?

What if I just let go?